Our Founder and Mission

As a podiatrist in Kitsap County for the last 6 years, our founder, Dr. Sarah Neitzel saw a need for pedicure and manicure services that could be available to her higher risk and diabetic patients. Within her medical practice, Peninsula Podiatry, she regularly sees painful ingrown toenails as well as foot fungus and toenail fungus that have resulted from the improper procedure and sanitizing techniques in nail salons.

Having been a client of nail services for many years herself, she recognized that the typical cleaning techniques and treatment of nails was not a safe option for many people. Thus, in 2020, Dr. Neitzel began building Pure Peninsula Spa, a medical pedicure and manicure spa that would provide truly sterile and medically safe nail services for our community.

In addition to the tools and techniques following sterile procedure guidelines, Dr. Neitzel also saw an opportunity to utilize these services to aid in treating some of the more common foot conditions such as toenail fungus, poor circulation, neuropathy pain, and chronically cracked heels/calluses.

The products at Pure Peninsula Spa are trialed by our staff and physician, and specifically chosen for these unique therapeutic qualities and all-natural ingredients.

Our certified and licensed nail technicians are trained to evaluate each client’s feet or hands and recommend products and services that would be most beneficial and soothing to each client. While Dr. Neitzel’s podiatry practice is separate and you do not have to be a patient to enjoy Pure Peninsula Spa, the close proximity of the practice allows our clients the opportunity to see a podiatrist if the situation warrants and specific, prescription level products are needed.

The experience at Pure Peninsula Spa aims to be of the highest safety standards offering truly quality services and unique products. We understand the importance of having a safe option for pampering yourself. Feel free to come by for a tour of the spa and services we offer.

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