Safer Spa Services

At Pure Peninsula Spa, we provide quality spa services that adhere to the highest cleanliness standards to ensure our clients’ safety and well-being. It is extremely important to us to take these precautions to ensure that our clients have a calming and relaxing pedicure and manicure service without worrying about a spa’s safety or sterilization practices.

Licensed Spa

Pure Peninsula Spa is licensed by the state, which means that we have met all the hygiene standards, and the salon has been inspected.

Certified and Licensed Nail Technicians

All of our nail technicians are certified, licensed, and experienced in providing pedicure and manicure services. Additionally, they have all been trained in sterilization procedures and aseptic technique. They will perform individual assessments for each client and recommend the best products for an exceptional spa experience. 

COVID-19 Precautions

Pure Peninsula Spa is committed to the safety of our clients. We have added additional cleaning measures and provided our staff with information and supplies to keep themselves safe at work and at home. We want to provide our clients with uninterrupted pedicure and manicure services and assure you that we take your health and safety very seriously. See our COVID-19 Policy.

Professional Assessment of Feet and Hands

Your nail technician does a professional assessment of your feet and hands, including toenails and fingernails, before proceeding with any treatment. You may be referred to a podiatrist if the nail technician feels you need medical treatment prior to a pedicure. 

Your nail technician will check the condition of your feet and legs before starting the foot soak. If open sores or skin wounds are present (including insect bites, scratches, scabbed-over wounds, or any condition that weakens the skin barrier), your nail technician will recommend that you not have a foot soak at that time.

The same applies to a hand soak. Your nail technician will check the condition of your hands before recommending a hand soak.

Sterile Instruments

At Pure Peninsula Spa, we adhere to the strictest of infection control procedures to ensure safer pedicure and manicure services. We follow aseptic technique and all sterilization protocols. Aseptic technique is a process or procedure used to achieve asepsis to prevent the transfer of potentially pathogenic microorganisms to a susceptible site that may result in the development of infection.

A completely sterile set of instruments is provided for each client’s visit using surgically autoclaved sterilization processes. An autoclave uses high pressure and steam to kill 100 percent of all infective organisms. Autoclaves can inactivate fungi, bacteria, spores, viruses, and other microorganisms on surgical-grade instrumentation.

For other items that cannot be autoclaved, such as foot and hand spa basins, we follow EPA guidelines, and disposable liners are used for each client. Nail files or foot scrubbers are disposed of after single-use.

Medical-Grade Products

Dr. Sarah Neitzel chooses all of the products we use at Pure Peninsula Spa. These products are all specially chosen for their therapeutic benefits, safety standards, natural ingredients, and lack of harmful chemicals and acids.

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