Why Choose Pure Peninsula Spa?

Pure Peninsula Spa is a podiatrist-owned and operated pedicure and manicure spa providing truly sterile and medically safe pedicures and manicures for our clientele.

In providing such unique services, we offer the following benefits to our clients:

Podiatrist Owned and Operated Spa

Dr. Sarah Neitzel owns and operates Pure Peninsula Spa. We feel very fortunate to have this close affiliation with a practicing podiatrist in our community. Dr. Neitzel saw a need for spa services that could be available for not just the general public, but also for people who are at higher risk and normally cannot get pedicures and manicures. Within her medical practice, Peninsula Podiatry, she regularly sees painful ingrown toenails, infections, and foot and toenail fungus that have resulted from improper procedure and sanitizing techniques in nail salons. Pure Peninsula Spa aims to be of the highest safety standards offering truly quality services and unique products.

While Dr. Neitzel’s podiatry practice is separate and you do not have to be a patient to enjoy Pure Peninsula Spa, the close proximity of the practice allows our clients the opportunity to see a podiatrist if the situation warrants and specific, prescription level products are needed.

Licensed and Certified Medical Nail Technicians

All our nail technicians are licensed and certified by the state board. They have all been specially trained to perform medical pedicures and manicures when needed for our clients. They have completed additional training in proper aseptic and sterilization techniques for instruments (including the use of an autoclave); recognition of potential diseases and disorders of the feet; working with at-risk patients; and much more. After completing this training, they take part in a 5-day internship in a participating podiatry office to be trained in the practical aspects of the information they learned.

Assessed Physical Condition of Feet and Nails

Our medical nail technicians perform a physical assessment of your feet, hand, and nails during your initial appointment. This is an essential part of our service to identify any potential problems, especially toenail problems, that may require further assessment and treatment by a podiatrist in addition to or before your pedicure.

Prevention or Treatment of Cracked Heels

We use foot masks to prevent or treat cracked heels. Cracked heels are often the result of dry feet that have lost all moisture. This condition can develop as the result of medical conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, eczema, thyroid problems, athlete’s foot, and structural factors such as flat feet or standing for long periods of time.

Decreased Chances of Infection

Pure Peninsula Spa follows strict sterilization and cleanliness guidelines, using an autoclave for all instruments and disposable single-use materials for each pedicure and manicure treatment. An autoclave is used to clean surgical instruments, with high pressure and steam to kill 100 percent of all infective organisms. Autoclaves can inactivate fungi, bacteria, spores, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Any items, such as foot spa basins, which cannot be autoclaved are instead covered with disposable liners or are single-use items only, as per EPA guidelines.

Preserved Skin Moisture

Our medical nail technicians can recommend pedicure spa services that include foot care products that can help maintain your skin’s moisture and relieve any skin irritations of the feet. These choice products will also improve the comfort and appearance of your feet.

It is important to maintain your skin’s moisture as moisture in your skin helps it repair itself. When skin is dry and irritated, it causes the breakdown of healthy skin cells and eventual skin problems, such as dry dead skin, cracked heels, and foot ulcers.

Physician-Chosen Medical-Grade Products

Dr. Sarah Neitzel chooses all of the products we use at Pure Peninsula Spa. These products are all specially chosen for their therapeutic benefits, safety standards, natural ingredients, and lack of harmful chemicals and acids.

Improved Mental Health

Spa treatments, in general, provide a soothing and relaxing feeling that relieves stress and tension and improves overall mental health. With pedicure and manicure-specific spa services, foot and hand massages with oils, lotions, and other moisturizers help to increase blood flow (circulation). Our spa also specifically addresses our clientele that suffers from foot/leg pain, neuropathy, and other chronic pain conditions with specific pain relief products that can be utilized during the massage part of your pedicure for maximum benefit and relaxation.  

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