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Add-On Services

well manicured hands and feet after a pedicure in the nail salon

Antifungal Nail Polish Base

  • Apply prior to color application
  • Prevent the formation of white powder fungus under the nail polish
  • Strengthen the nail itself


Gel Nail Polish

  • Apply gel nail polish for a longer-lasting and brilliant polish effect that is less likely to chip
  • Hold color for 2-4 weeks (on average)


French Polish

    • Apply French tips to your pedicure or manicure.


Polish Change

    • Remove old polish and apply new polish
    • Shape toenails or fingernails


Nail Art

    • Pricing depends on the design

$15 – $30

Nail Trimming

    • Trim and shape toenails or fingernails


Callus Reduction/Cracked Heel Treatment

    • Include a Hydrating Foot Mask and Light Callus Work
    • Apply hydrating restorative foot lotions
    • Address Calluses and Dry Dead Skin


Paraffin Wax Therapy


Paraffin Wax Therapy (add-on to any pedicure package)


Manicure Hydrating Paraffin Wax treatment with extended massage (add-on to any manicure package)


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